Iodine-Rich Foods: 7 Best Foods High in Iodine

iodine-rich foods

Are you eating enough iodine-rich foods? If you’re not, you might be in danger. Because iodine deficiency can cause many thyroid problems. So you should increase iodine levels in your body by adding iodine to your diet.

Iodine is a mineral that is needed to make the thyroid hormones which are needed for many body processes like growth, regulating metabolism. You should make sure that your iodine level is optimum. Because excessive intakes of iodine can also cause some of the same thyroid problems as iodine deficiency. So you should avoid both(low and excessive).

Recommended Daily Intake of Iodinedaily intake iodine

(Source: National Institutes of Health)

Iodine-Rich Foods: 7 Best Foods High in Iodine

Seaweed, Seafood

The first one of the best iodine-rich foods is seafood. Seafood is the best source of iodine, especially seaweed contains significant amounts of iodine. 1 tablespoon of seaweed contains 16 to 2,984/mcg of iodine which is provides 11% to 1,989% of your daily value. Because the amount of iodine in seawater is really outstanding. Besides the seaweed, cod and tuna provide high iodine levels. Baked, 3 ounces of cod contain 99/mcg of iodine which is 66% of DV(daily value). Canned in oil, drained, 3 ounces of tuna contain 17/mcg of iodine(11% of DV).

Most people believe that it is the iodine in the seafood that is responsible for their allergic reactions. The source of this information is a magazine or internet. However, that’s a medical myth. If you want to know more information about that, you can click.

Iodized Saltbest iodine-rich foods

Iodized salt is another option that rich in iodine. 1,5 g(approximately 1/4 teaspoon) iodized salt contains 71/mcg of iodine(47% DV).

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan crystal salt is a viable alternative if you don’t want to consume conventional table salt. Half a gram of Himalayan crystal salt contains 250/mcg of iodine(167% DV). It also has 0 calories. So Himalayan crystal salt is an excellent choice and you don’t need to worry about not getting enough iodine.


Best natural probiotic, a superfood, yogurt is a magnificent iodine food that you should add to your diet. One cup organic, plain, low-fat yogurt contains 75/mcg of iodine which is 50% of DV.


Fresh, organic berries or cranberry juices are antioxidant rich and a great source of iodine. About 4 ounces of cranberries contain approximately 400/mcg of iodine.


There are a lot of nutrients in dairy products including the essential mineral iodine. Dairy products, especially yogurt, eggs, and milk are good, natural sources of iodine. 1 cup, reduced fat milk has 56/mcg of iodine(37% DV).


Strawberry is the favorite one of the best iodine-rich foods because of its nice taste. Organic, fresh strawberries are an extremely tasty source of iodine. Its red color and beautiful smell are really appetizing. One cup of fresh strawberries contains approximately 13/mcg of iodine(10% DV).

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