“I concentrate science of medicine in two lines”


“I concentrate science of medicine in two lines….” Avicenna

Who was Avicenna and what did he say a thousand years ago about nutrition, health, and diseases?


What did Avicenna say a thousand years ago about nutrition, health, and diseases?

“I concentrate science of medicine in two lines, the best word is the shortest; when you eat, eat little, and do not eat again for four or five hours. Health lies indigestion. That is to say, eat so much as you can digest easily. The heaviest and most tiring thing for your stomach and yourself is to eat many things one on top of the other.”

Avicenna was the one who said these words. According to him, all diseases are related to nutrition and lifestyle. So if you have a healthy diet plan and a good lifestyle, you might never get sick. They are actually very broad concepts. And it’s pretty much what he says about them. So we just compiled some of his recommendations for you. Remember, he said that the best word is the shortest.

  • Movement develops, moves to natural heat. Inactivity freezes and extinguishes the natural temperature.
  • Do some sports before meals. Rest before and after. Do not move after meals for a while.
  • Not to be satisfied with only one kind of food, different foods must be eaten. Because it is important for the measure.
  • It is also important that the dishes are in different colors. But it does not always have to be.
  • If the food is fatty, then it is salty or bitter; It is good to eat something salty and bitter. If the food is sour it is obligatory to eat dessert beside it. This is the sour as well as the sweet.
  • The most balanced of sportive movements is the fast walking. Fast walking moves hips, thighs, legs and feet; It heats and strengthens them.
  • Excessive sleep makes a person stupid.
  • Doughy sweeties clog vessels. Avicenna has made this striking evaluation about the sweets a thousand years ago: “Sweets are two kinds. Honeyed and doughy. The honeyed ones help digestion if they melt in the mouth and go down the stomach. As for the doughy ones, they are solid, the digestive is heavy. Causes vascular and joint blockages.

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