“Don’t Eat After 8 PM” is a Big Lie


Calories do not travel with their wrist watch in your digestive system. So, “Don’t eat after 8 pm” is a big lie. You could eat after 8 pm. Don’t eat a large meal two hours before bed.

Obesity is a global epidemic, it keeps increasing day by day all around the world. Obesity means that you have too much body fat. Too much body fat is so dangerous, especially belly fat. Remember, the more your belly fat is, the shorter your life is. Because it increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and some cancers. It also causes many problems such as sleep disorders. Sleep disorders cause problems like anxiety, depression etc. So begin a diet; sleep better, begin a new, healthier and happier life. Many researches say that the more important the calories we consume, the more important the source and content of the calories. As a result, we recommend that you first plan healthy foods for your diet and then eat a certain amount of calories from the foods you choose.

Should I Eat After 8 Pm or Before Bed?

We think you should, but you need to know a few things. As we said before, calories do not travel with their wrist watch in your digestive system. So you can eat anytime, even half an hour before bed, but it is important what you eat. Don’t eat a large meal 2-3 hours before bed. Consume light foods like yogurt, almonds or fresh fruits, vegetables instead of things that will get your sleep away like coffee. Don’t consume things that contain alcohol, nicotine, caffeine. Eating a small, light meal before bed can be sleep inducing and promote weight loss, but a large, heavy meal interferes with sleep. So stay away from heavy meals that contain high carbohydrates, high protein and high fat before bedtime.

Should I Exercise Before Bed?

Here too, the same rule applies. Don’t do intensive exercise before bed, but you can do light exercises.

Make sure that you minimize noise, light, and excessive cold or hot temperature during sleep by using ear plugs, window blinds, or an electric blanket or air conditioner appropriately.

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